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Custom Manufactured Carbide Metal Wear Parts for Aerospace, Hydraulic Components and High Stress Industrial Applications

automotive forming dies, mud pump rotors, near net shapes, tube rollsAs technological advances bring about ever higher production speeds and greater stresses, parts subjected to wear that retain their integrity for extended periods of time become more essential.
Ferro-TiCŪ steel-bonded carbides are meeting that demand.
As simple wear parts, curns or cam followers of Ferro-TiCŪ help maintain machinery precision over years of use.  Serrated weld wire feed rolls maintain their sharpness, insuring trouble-free continuous operation.

Industrial Applications for Ferro-TicŪ Parts

In the aerospace industry, critical hydraulic components or jet fuel pump parts must maintain very close tolerances, even when operating within contaminated fluids.  Ferro-TiCŪ is the answer; its machinability and thermal stability are essential for the intricate shapes required.
Gas bearings for inertial guidance systems use Ferro-TiCŪ for both the rotors and shafts.  It is also used in high speed dental drills.  Both take advantage of its light weight, its stiffness and its inherent lubricity, even when bearing against itself.
For valve seats, stems or rtating face seals, the corrosion resistance of CS-40 is an important factor.
Component parts in disc drives or data recording devices must be non-magnetic and wear resistance to ensure long life.  Grade HT-6A meets these requirements.
Ferro-TiCŪ has excellent vibration dampening characteristics, a requisite for grinding wheel spindles, boring bars and tool holders.  Depths of cut can be increased.  Tool chatter is reduced which results in less noise, better dimensional control and improved surface finish.