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CustomTitanium Carbide Industrial Punches, Tools and Dies

Titanium Carbide Parts Overcome Galling and Pick-up

Draw Rings, Draw PunchesPick-up and galling are frequent problems when metals rub against each other at high speeds or under heavy pressure.
Exposing the Ferro-TiCŪ titanium carbide micrograins at the working surface leaves them in relief and, in effect, minimizes metal-to-metal contact. Their smooth, rounded structure offers an extremely slippery and non-abrasive surface for contact.
When working with such metals as high-nickel alloys or tough stainless steel, the Ferro-TiCŪ composite produces scratch-free parts throughout long production runs.
For critical moving parts, even under conditions of poor lubrication, Ferro-TiCŪ operates with a low coefficient of friction and extended part life.

Custom Ferro-TicŪ Parts Withstand Abrasive Impact

Nail Gripper Die, Pill Die, PM Compaction DieFerro-TiCŪ alloys offer an impressive compressive strength of up to 520,000 p.s.i. to easily withstand high compressive loading without deformations.
With an elastic modulus of 40-44 million p.s.i., about half that of cemented tungsten carbide, Ferro-TiCŪ can take more deflection under stress and transfer more of the applied load to a stronger back-up member.