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Ferro-TicŪ Steel-Bonded Titanium Carbide Materials Provide Wear Resistance in Severe Operating Conditions

Ferro-TiCŪ: A family of steel or alloy-bonded carbides.  Extremely hard titanium carbide grains are uniformly distributed through a hardenable metal matrix.  The result is a unique combination of high wear resistance, with heat or corrosion resistance,  and readily machinable using conventional techniques.
Titanium Carbide Alloy Manufacturing

Ferro-TicŪ SBC, a division of PSM Industries, Inc., manufactures components for severe wear applications using steel-bonded Titanium Carbide materials.  Titanium Carbide outlasts conventional tool steels by a factor of 10, while at the same time providing much better fracture toughness than cemented Tungsten Carbide.  In an annealed state, these unique materials are machinable by conventional machining methods, such as turning, milling and drilling.  In heat-treated state, they can achieve hardness of HRC 69.

Industrial Applications for Ferro-TicŪ
For tooling, Ferro-TiCŪ provides longer life between sharpenings.  For draw or forming tools, guides or rollers, the rounded titanium carbide grains at the surface provide lubricity and galling resistance unavailable in other tooling materials.  For wear or machine parts, or for gages, the toughness and ease of fabrication, in addition to its durability, simplify its incorporation and make it ideal for reinforcing critical wear parts.
Ferro-TiCŪ Grade Selection
Versatile Ferro-TicŪ can be anything you want it to be.  Slippery.  Hard.  Tough.  Magnetic or Non-Magnetic.  It can be used at cryogenic or elevated temperatures.  For performance that exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, vibration, corrosion and thermal wear there is a Ferro-TiCŪ grade to suit your needs.